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​The CT360 is heavy duty low profile versatile pole mount made for the Garmin Live Scope, Lowrance ActiveTarget and the Humminbird Mega Live. The bases can be mounted on a rail, on a track or directly to the gunnel. The base has stainless steel pin and a collar to help align the 60” shaft to the horizontal or vertical position. The pin is attached to the base with a lanyard. Once stowed or deployed, there is a 3” stainless-steel handle that tightens the clamp that secures the 14” Aluminum shaft in the base. The height of the transducer can be adjusted with the depth collar. The indicator arrow and 12” tilt handle with foam grip makes it easy to rotate the transducer in any direction. You can either tighten the handle to lock it in any direction or set a desired tension so the transducer does not spin.

When traveling to your fishing spot, rotate the CT360 to a horizontal position by loosening the handle on the base and pulling the pin. Once rotated, push the pin into a hole and then lock the mount down with a quick turn of the handle. The mount can be slid into the base from the inside of boat for transportation on the road or when running in rough water or high speeds.  The handle will fold down along side the shaft.


CT360 on the water

Trolling at 5-6 mph

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